Maysan MandoTR

Our story

In 1969, Maysan has been established as the first company producing shock absorbers in Turkey and has played an active role in the development of the automotive market. After the company joined the Çukurova Group in 1976, major OEM manufacturers such as Oyak Renault, Tofaş and Mercedes Benz Türk also took their places in the Company's important customer list.


Within the scope of the partnership agreement signed with South Korea's Mando Corporation in 1997, the name of the Company was changed to Maysan Mando in a way to reflect the corporate change / management understanding and design / production capacity of the new period.


The customs union agreement signed in the 1990s paved the way for high-quality and low-priced products of world automobile manufacturers to freely enter the domestic market, and local suppliers were faced with the necessity of both increasing their capacities and transitioning to zero error cycles. Thanks to the strategy of developing R&D services, global procurement, high automation and developing strong relations with OEM manufacturers, Maysan Mando has successfully overcome this transition period and has been able to maintain its position in the market despite very heavy competition with Far Eastern manufacturers.


Today, Maysan Mando's product range consists of a wide range of shock absorbers for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, buses and heavy trucks, as well as railways and military applications. 65% of the company's total production is provided to foreign OEM manufacturers such as Renault - Nissan, Hyundai, Ford, Kia, GM, Daimler AG, Iveco, Schmitz Cargobull and a large number of local OEM manufacturers such as Hyundai Assan, Oyak Renault, Mercedes Benz Türk, BMC, Ford Otosan, Fiat-Tofaş. A Anadolu Isuzu, Otokar, Karsan, Temsa Global, FNSS and Ege Endustri. The company meets domestic and international after-sales product and service demands with the remaining 35% of its production and exports to 75 different countries in total.


Developing deep-rooted relationships with OEM manufacturers, Maysan Mando signed an agreement with Renault and General Motors for the development and mass production of new generation Clio IV and Traffic III and Opel Vivaro models, and mass production started in 2014. Maysan Mando, which increased its annual production capacity from 4 million to 6 million pieces, aims to add more OEM manufacturers to its customers by further developing the automation processes in its production facilities in the coming years.


The company has ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Certificate, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate and ISO 45001: 2018 Shock Absorber Design Certificate as well as IATF 16949: 2016 Quality Certificate. Maysan Mando, which was awarded the Q1 certificate by Ford in 2008; It renewed its Q1 certificate due to the new location in February 2021 and was awarded the Success Award by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). With the 5 Star award given by Hyundai Motor Company to its successful suppliers around the world, received in April 2011, it has been rewarded for serious quality investments made for years.

At the end of 2019, Maysan Mando moved to its new factory, located in Demirtaş Organize Sanayi, Bursa and continues its environmentally friendly production by owning the only selective chrome line in the sector and in the world.

Maysan Mando, which was awarded the international Stevie award in the OHS and Environment category in 2020, continues to grow rapidly.